Hi Angie

I just wanted to write you a quick THANKYOU email!
THANK YOU SO MUCH for a fantastic few days!! I really appreciate all you did for me over the last few days and for your guidance and patience. Yesterday, I performed microdermabrasions on my sister, mother, and 2 nephews (15 and 16 yrs old with a lot of teenage breakouts, lumps and blackheads). And I also applied a peel to my complaining father! It was such a satisfying experience as today their skin looked fantastic and they were all so thankful for the experience and how their skin looked and felt, (now they have to fly to Singapore to have another treatment from me!). So a big thank you Angie!!

Kind Regards


Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Laser & Light Therapies

Firstly, I want to thank Angie & Tina for getting in contact with me and suggesting I put in my application for the Graduate Certificate in Cosmetic Laser & Light Therapies. I crazily sent through my application on 22nd December at about 11.30pm (this day is also our biggest day of the year). So high five to me for doing it and to you both for reminding me.

From day 1 of getting my theory books to the finish, this course has been by far the best thing I have done in my career to date. Angie and the Ladies at BTTA have been nothing but encouraging and supportive though out the duration. The learning environment in which Angie has created is comfortable for any skill level and I have found Angie to be extremely approachable with any questions or concerns that I have had. I have had the opportunity to receive one on one training which I feel is so valuable to myself as every single question and every detail was discussed in full. The client’s (training model’s) in which BTTA had supplied for us to work on were from all walks of life and with all very different concerns, this has enabled me within the training to treat all concerns (not just the minority). By doing the practical training in an operating clinic environment I was able to set the room up as per protocol, and was required treat the clients from the very first contact through to rebooking, and monitoring the clients results after the treatment as well. With doing the block training I was able to see client’s for follow up treatments (I was also pretty impressed when a client had requested myself for her treatment).

Although I did LOVE my one-on-one training with Angie it was also great to work alongside other practitioners and learn from them also.

I found that the course content was broad and covered everything I need for the future of my business. When it came to selecting devices to use or questions I had regarding any other devices Angie was completely none bias in her opinion and I felt I could easily discuss any concerns with her and get a very honest opinion.

A little about myself
I have been in the Beauty Industry for over 18 years now. I have been in many different positions from Management to Collage Trainer at a private Collage in Brisbane for the Diploma of Beauty Therapy. My most loved role (before owning my own salon) was an IPL Technician. This is where I found my love of treating the skin, however my love took a different direction and I (with my partner) purchased a Hair & Beauty Salon. The salon is a full-service Beauty Salon with 4 treatment rooms and we offer a range of treatments from Waxing through to Micro & Omnilux LED Light Therapy. This year we celebrated our 10th year in business and now with the qualification I have received I am ready to get back to my first love (which is skin). The salon is taking a different turn at the moment with us being able to offer everything under the one roof. I have a team who all have very different area’s that they specialise in. We have a Hair Extension Specialist, a Lash Technician, Master Colourist, and now myself who will focus on skin and bring what I have learnt from my training into my business. I’m so excited for the next chapter of my business and cannot thank Angie and yourself enough for giving me the opportunity to build on my business. I look forward to any new and upcoming seminars in which yourself and Angie are able to provide.

Thank You for giving this opportunity to small business, without Apan I would have never been able to gain this qualification. Thank you for setting such a high standard for our Industry

Kind Regards
Rebecca Hiscock
Everton Park Hair & Beauty
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APJ article Excerpt from interview with Karen Geiszler

The training I was provided with at BTTA was second to none. They were patient, thorough and very professional in their delivery and approach.
I felt fully supported at every level and this made my learning a real pleasure. I can highly recommend this investment in the way it can give a business new leverage in allowing practitioners to meet with skin treatment challenges with greater confidence and with incredible treatment outcomes.

I truly believe that suppliers should get on board and encourage all their clients to seek to gain a full qualification.
It is impossible through a three-day training program to fully understand all the scientific theory, as well as gain comprehensive knowledge on wave-lengths and the best protocols that will allow you to gain not just safe treatments, but also be able to deliver the very best results for your clients. This is where the industry is falling
short. Having gone through this experience I don’t believe that machines should be purchased without full qualifications.
After being 25 years in this industry, I am grateful to be given this opportunity to upgrade my qualifications. I want to thank APAN for the amazing work they do to bring these opportunities to the industry and also thank Angela Smith and BTTA for their commitment and delivery of amazing, quality training. It really has made a difference to my business

Karen Geiszler
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