Attendance & Behaviour


You are expected to be punctual when attending training courses, late arrival or non-attendance will affect your progress in achieving the compulsory standards, 100% course attendance is required to achieve competency.  Homework, where required, is deemed to be part of the course.

Learners, who due to circumstances beyond their control cannot complete all units, may attend future courses to complete their competencies.

International learners are under the terms of their student visa required to attend a minimum of 80% of their scheduled course time, as long as they are able to justify the reason for non-attendance.  Any breach of the visa conditions may result in a report to the Secretary of Education and may jeopardise your visa.


If absent from a day on the course, you are to provide a written reason in the box for the day they were absent.


Failure to attend without reason may be reported where appropriate and may jeopardise successful completion of the course; and

Failure to attend on numerous occasions may mean an incomplete being recorded and no refund of monies paid.


Lateness to class on any day is not acceptable;

When you are delayed from arriving on time, you must notify the trainer by text or phone to inform of delay; and

We expect that all Learners will be in the room on time after breaks throughout the day.


You will behave in a manner which reflects the professional status of the industry that you are training for and shall respect the rights of others with regards to Equal Opportunities, Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination.

All students are to wear the College Uniform while attending classes and or field trips

Unacceptable behaviour includes:

  • Inappropriate clothing includes: thongs, ripped or torn clothing, no unnecessary exposed flesh, no offensive prints or words;
  • Inappropriate language means:  no swearing or abusive language;
  • Mobile phones: no mobile phone use during class times or recording of content;
  • Eating: no eating in the classroom;
  • Playing games on mobile devices during class times;
  • Lateness returning to class from breaks is unacceptable;
  • Disrespectful behaviour to all other Learners, trainers and other individuals;
  • Misuse of our computer system;
  • Littering;
  • Engaging in behaviour which may offend, embarrass, threaten or harm other students, staff or general public, including via electronic means; and
  • Jumping, standing on or putting shoes on furniture is not permitted.


Smoking: Is prohibited in all buildings and covered area’s and Learners are expected to use the ashtrays provided.

Drugs and Alcohol: Learners are expected to comply with the Workplace Health and Safety Legislation and shall be drug and alcohol free during the course.


We are equipped with the tools and resources for you to gain the skills necessary to work in your chosen industry and just like being at work you are required to treat our tools and resources with care and respect, observing all instructions in the correct and appropriate manner.

Unless instructed and authorised to do so, you shall not touch or operate property, as this may lead to injury to yourself or others if used incorrectly.

You will be held financially liable for all negligent, reckless or wilful damage to our property.


In keeping with the National VET Regulator Act 2011, Standards 2015, we have a complaints and appeals process to assist you when the need arises.

In making your decision to enrol with us, you need to be aware that:

  • A complaint relates to any matter not related to your training outcomes, and
  • An appeal only relates to your training outcomes

You may complain or appeal:

  • Informally – a brief discussion with your trainer, where the trainers explanation is sufficient to resolve the matter, or
  • Formally – in writing, where an investigation is required to resolve the matter.

Our full complaints and appeals procedure is available for inspection at our training venue.