We are subject to a variety of legislation related to training and assessment as well as general business practice.

This legislation governs our obligations as a Registered Training Organisation, our obligations to you as our clients, and relates to the industry that we are conducting training for.

This legislation is continually being updated and all employees are made aware of any changes.

The legislation that particularly effects your participation in our Vocational Education and Training programs includes:

  • Equal Opportunity Act 1984
  • Fair Trading Act 1987
  • National VET Regulator Act 2011
  • Standards of the National VET Regulator Act 2015
  • Workplace Health and Safety Act 2012
  • Workers Compensation and Rehabilitation Act 1986

Overseas Students Ombudsman


We will maintain and deliver high quality training courses, complying with the VET Quality Framework (VQF) accreditation requirements as a Registered Training Organisation

We will maintain Workplace, Health and Safety, Equal Opportunities, Harassment, Bullying and Discrimination Policies and relevant legislation.


We believe that all accidents are preventable and seek to ensure a safe environment for all students and staff.

During your course induction, your trainer will explain the WHS requirements particular to your training location and where required the need to wear Protective Personal Equipment (PPE).

You will be expected to comply with our Workplace Health and Safety Policies and report all incidents, near miss activities and safety hazards immediately.


We will comply with all Federal and State working with Children legislation.

A list of all relevant legislation is available from the Federal Police Website