Volume of Learning

Volume of Learning

We are required to meet the requirements of the Volume of Learning for all learners, as described in the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) for each qualification on scope.

To meet the volume of learning requirements we and you must meet the following requirements:

Attendance records

Records will systematically be maintained for learners on a registered course. Non-attendance due to illness evidenced by a medical certificate, or other exceptional personal leave must also be recorded, monitored and reported weekly.

International students must present a medical certificate issued by a Legally Qualified Medical Practitioner (LQMP), a sickness certificate issued by a pharmacy is not sufficient.

Attendance requirements

As defined under the Volume of Learning a minimum number of hours must be completed for all learners. To achieve the Volume of Learning:

Learners must attend at least 100% of the supervised hours scheduled for each semester of their course.

We allow non-attendance for 10% of contact hours to cover occasional absences and illnesses, including illness supported by a medical certificate. As soon as practicable after the provider becomes aware the learner is no longer able to achieve 100% attendance for the term, semester or course, the learner should be notified that they are in breach of the Volume of Learning.

(Note: we are required to contact and counsel learners who are absent for two consecutive days).

Full-time learner

A currently enrolled learner who has enrolled for classes with a supervised study load of at least 21 hours per week, or who has enrolled for classes 16 hours but deemed to be full-time by the Director responsible for the learners primary accredited program.

Mandatory attendance requirements

Volume of Learning requirements mean a learner must attend at least 80 per cent of the supervised hours scheduled for each study period of learner’s course.

Study Period

Each program will be divided into weekly, 5 weekly or 10 weekly study blocks depending of level of the qualification and the workload as contained within the Training Package.