Learner Support


As we offer training courses to all members of the community, we have established a number of vocational barrier supports which include special assistance with:

  • Assessment tasks, and
  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy.

We have established a number of non-vocational barriers to training support including:

  • Accommodation assistance;
  • Centrelink;
  • Counselling;
  • Food/Material assistance;
  • Legal Aid;
  • Personal Support;
  • Australian Tax Office;
  • Ethnic Communities Council;
  • Women’s Legal Resource; and
  • Interpreting Services.


When you elect to participate in training with us, you have a responsibility to:

  • Adhere to our policies and procedures,
  • Treat others with respect, fairness and courtesy,
  • Not plagiarise, collude or cheat in any assessment activity,
  • Attend class and arrive on time,
  • Notify your trainer if you will be absent or late,
  • Participate in the course,
  • Submit assessments on time and in the required manner, and
  • Provide written notice of any changes to your enrolment status


The resources include but are not limited to:

  • Sufficient trainers to deliver the scheduled courses;
  • Offices premises and support staff;
  • Theory training rooms;
  • Furniture including tables, chairs and whiteboards;
  • Facilities including toilets, tea and coffee facilities;
  • Audio visual equipment, DVD, digital projector, and laptops;
  • Powerpoint presentations;
  • Learner workbooks;
  • A fully operating beauty salon/spa;
  • Copies of legislation, Dept. of health guidelines; and
  • Access to welfare support services.
  • All equipment essential for practical component including but not limited to
  • Lasers
    • IPL Equipment
    • Beauty Beds / machinery
    • Product ranges


We will wherever possible endeavor to assist in placements for work experience components prior to commencement or during the course, so that on the job training can begin at completion of classroom study.


You will be given a briefing on the emergency procedures in the event of an emergency and you are expected to comply with instructions given by company members.


Upon successful completion of your training may be able to gain employment in the areas for which you have been trained and prepared.

As stated earlier, we are not able to guarantee you will be employed at the successful conclusion of your training. The onus is on you to seek out the available employment opportunities and to successfully complete your training.


We embrace an ongoing policy of open communication and encourages feedback and dialogue with all learners to assist with meeting learner needs and concerns as well as for ongoing improvement of our services.

We would appreciate feedback in regard to your opinions, satisfaction, or other views about our operations, policies, procedures, and training delivery and assessment.

Feedback can be supplied directly to your trainer, other employees, or as written suggestions, which may include the use of SMART feedback questionnaires.


If you have any learning difficulties, we encourage you to identify them either directly or in confidence to your Trainer or Director, prior to course commencement.